True Justice Angel Of Death (2012) DVDRip

After leaving Her life style filled with violence, Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) fell back into the past of his special forces, re-emerged from the Special Investigations Unit to once again work for the government. Realizing his skills as a long-distance sniper, who was recruited by Marcus Kane Mitchell (Adrian Holmes) from the CIA to come back as an operation. In return, Marcus promised that the CIA would provide information to Kane about who issued a hit in his SIU team. Kane granted long-term off-the-grid mission to take high-level targets that the CIA can not go after the traditional way. Marcus Kane feed intel that took him into the circle of the target in order to get close enough to take Kane kill a shot from distance. Just then the identity of the target will be lowered to the team. For this operation, Kane recruited three agents to form a new team of operators. All three were trained by Kane and ultimately driven by not only the business but also for personal reasons.
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